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All who have placed their trust in Christ are, by definition, on a journey that requires repentance and rethinking. The Greek word typically translated as ‘repentance’ in English could be translated ‘change your mind’, and is a fundamental practice for disciples of Christ. Thankfully, most of us don’t have to do it as Brian Zahnd has done in recent years and worry about pastoring a mega-church through the change.

Soon after coming to faith, Zahnd was influenced by the Jesus movement. He started Word of Life Church with the desire to share Jesus Christ with those who don’t know Him. As the church grew, it fit comfortably into the independent charismatic/evangelical mould. As time went on, Zahnd found himself hungering for a deeper faith, which he discovered with the help of the early church fathers. As he has radically re-oriented himself around Jesus and His Kingdom, Zahnd has both written books about his journey and managed to lead Word of Life Church in the same direction.

In a recent blog post, Brian Zahnd shared about different metaphors and images that could be used to describe the journey of discovery he has been on. He shares a few metaphors that he finds helpful, and explains why he doesn’t like the motif of deconstruction. The full post is well worth reading, but I found the last few paragraphs particularly inspiring, dovetailing nicely with the name I have given this relaunched blog:

My journey of rediscovering the beauty of Christ was mostly a journey I travelled in prayer. It’s true that I read a ton of good theology, but this only changed my mind. My heart was changed as I learned to sit with Jesus in contemplative prayer.

Don’t deconstruct…pray. Sit with Jesus. Gaze upon his beauty. See the beautiful image of Christ lying under the patina of distortion. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Then wipe away the false varnish with your tears of gratitude. This is restoration, not deconstruction. This is what will save your faith.

Check out the full post:

Deconstruction or Restoration? – Brian Zahnd

Deconstruction or Restoration? Brian Zahnd In describing my journey of rethinking Christianity over the past twelve years I’ve used a couple of metaphors. One I call “End of the Line.” I first used this metaphor when speaking to the staff of Charisma Publishing six years ago.