Why do I blog?

I have written a blog in one form or another for ten years. I have never been the most consistent blogger, and I sometimes wonder what it is about blogging that keeps calling me back. In particular, why do I find that the most compelling thing to blog about is my faith?

Some blogs are created by experts who aim to share their knowledge with the world; that is by no means this blog! I’ve not formally studied theology or biblical studies and I’m not a pastor, minister, or leader. I’m not a person of any great influence, and there’s no particular reason anyone should listen to what I have to say. What’s more, as far as I’m aware, there are no people clamouring to read my thoughts on life, the universe, and everything.

So why does this amateur Christian bother with blogging?

Obedience to the Lord

The main reason I blog is that I feel a sense of calling toward blogging. When I am reading the Bible or other spiritual/theological books, I naturally find myself drawn to write things down. This often goes into personal notebooks, or else to my social media feeds, but recently I have felt it important that I get more intentional about engaging with this impulse to write. This leads me to believe that blogging and writing is one aspect of what it is for me to faithfully follow Jesus and grow in His grace. It is a practice that I want to cultivate and grow in.

For myself

Personal discipleship

Before anything else, my blog is a place for me to explore what it is to know and love Jesus well. It’s a space where I can share the things that are stirring my heart, piquing my interest, challenging me, or else work through things that are niggling me. It allows me to share what I’m reading in the Scriptures, extended quotes from books, or link to other articles and blog posts that I’ve found useful. The blog format basically allows me to think out loud, but the fact that my thoughts are published for the world to see forces me to actually put some effort into presenting things clearly and concisely. This then prepares me for sharing my faith in the real world and stimulates greater growth in discipleship.

Better focus

My Myers-Briggs prayer is “Lord, help me finish the things I sta…” Naturally speaking, I find that I can too-easily flit from thought to thought, subject to subject, book to book, and project to project. Posting to a public blog requires a certain amount of discipline and provides an opportunity to overcome innate flightiness and focus on something in a deeper way than may otherwise occur.

A love for writing

A final personal reason for blogging is that I have always loved to read and write. Long before I ever embarked on becoming a professional geek, I wanted to be an author when I grew up. Since I don’t always feel grown up yet, I figure there’s still time and this blog is a good first step!

For others

While my main aim in blogging is personal growth, I know that some of the things I have written in the past have been helpful to others. Sometimes this happens deliberately, where I publish posts that I believe I have been led to write. More often than not, this happens by accident with something that I never intended to serve any greater purpose resonating with someone. Another aim in blogging, then, is to bless others with the things I write.

While the word ‘bless’ implies a warm and tingly feeling that all is right with the world, I believe it also covers the messiness and discomfort that we experience as we go through daily life. To that end, I’d also like to bless others by stimulating discussion and disagreement. The spiel above regarding my qualifications to write a blog was no mere exercise in humility. I don’t have everything sewn up, and I would value any challenge to the things I write so that we can all learn together.

So these are the reasons I find myself constantly drawn to blogging. Hopefully, you’ll find the things I write interesting and useful. I’d be even happier if you ask questions, leave comments, and in any other way engage with what I write. It may even be that seeing my reasons for blogging has made you want to get going yourself. In many ways, that would be the best outcome of all!

Over to you - what would you like to say?